After the first video I watched for Lilly Looking Through, I knew it was a game I would want to get my hands on. The music, the visuals, the delicate, haunting atmosphere. All things I’m immediately drawn to. So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when it ended up being my first assigned review to do for Greenlit Gaming.

I can say with confidence that Lilly did not disappoint.

Lilly Looking Through Review

Within the first few minutes, I was submersed. The backgrounds are so gorgeously painted, and created with such loving detail, that I found myself unable to stop looking at them; which is good because each stage has only one or two set backgrounds, so it’s nice that not one of them was disappointing or dull. I found myself almost not wanting to leave each world when it was time to progress, but then I would end up being just as excited about the design and music of the next world once I got there.

And regarding the aforementioned music; I can honestly say that my favourite part of the entire game was the soundtrack. Each level had it’s own gorgeous track that suited the atmosphere and set the mood perfectly. And I was undeniably impressed when I switched time lines (which is something I will be discussing a little later) and the musical score was different for the “past” stage than it was for the “present”. A great amount of effort was put into the musical design in this game, and I am pleased to say that, speaking for myself – it was well appreciated.

Lilly Looking Through Review

As for actual game play; the controls are simple and the character movement is fluid and accurate. You control Lilly by clicking on the different items she is able to interact with, and there’s a small animation that follows which shows her performing the task. Sometimes, only sometimes, these animations can seem a little tedious because you have to do the same thing multiple times at first to figure out the puzzle, and then again after to complete the puzzle. Lilly may be slow moving when executing her tasks, but the game is short, so I personally didn’t find it to be the biggest deal having to wait around a couple of times while she did her thing. The only other thing worth mentioning that I found a little out of place, was that, there is a very small handful of times that you as the player control an object with the mouse, but only in the earlier levels. Every other time something needs to be done, it’s one of the characters interacting with the object. It seemed slightly out of place to play as a mysterious floating hand helping Lilly out, and took a bit away from watching her have to “figure out” everything herself, with you being there only as her guide, in a sense. Once again though, it only happens a few small times, and doesn’t do anything to greatly alter the atmosphere.

Lilly Looking Through Review

As I mentioned earlier, you spend some time in a number of the settings switching back and forth from past to present, thanks to a mysterious pair of goggles Lilly gets a hold of. This mechanic is integrated seamlessly, and adds a great amount of fun and depth to the puzzles. Having a different design and score for the two different time lines, was a wonderful way of making the stages even more immersive. You often need to accomplish a task in the past to help you accomplish a different task in the present. This is done in such a way though that it never feels inconvenient or overly confusing, and there is a very helpful “?” feature on the bottom of your screen in case you ever get stuck wondering what to do next. It doesn’t overly simplify the game, but does help give you that push if you get stuck for a brief spell.

Regarding the actual puzzles themselves, I can say that all the way up until the last two or three levels it’s nothing overly complicated. And even then, there is just a lot of trial and error involved. All I can say is that I am lucky to have taken a few painting classes in my lifetime; if you haven’t, you might want to study up on your color theory a little. As I mentioned though, it’s not too complicated and can be figured out with a little patience, which is what is to be expected from a puzzle game of any sort. They are a lot of fun, although they can come off as a little repetitive.

Lilly Looking Through Review

I think one last thing worth mentioning is that Lilly is a short game. I would estimate it will take most people three to four hours to beat, and that’s if you take the extra time to listen to the music and observe the backgrounds for a while. And, of course, it’s all dependent on how good your puzzle-solving skills are.

As for the audience that best suits this game; I think that this is a game pretty much any age group could enjoy. You can play on your own, or it can be easily shared with children if you have them. As mentioned, the story is simple,  and the feeling is that of something right out of a fairy tale. It has some cute, funny moments, and I think children would have fun helping with the puzzles (although most would definitely need an adult there to help out). I know it’s a game that I will be sharing with my friends and family.

Lilly Looking Through Review: A Charming Adventure Through Time
Overall, Lilly Looking Through is a definite recommendation in my opinion. It has an endearing, yet slightly haunting atmosphere that mix together wonderfully and work well to immerse the player in that world. The soundtrack is so gorgeous I think it's something that should be heard whether you play the game or not. It has a very simplistic story, but makes up for that in other aspects. There's something to be said about a game that can take you on such an other worldly, feel-good journey with hardly a word of dialogue spoken, and with such a gentle atmosphere.
The Good
  • Breathtaking visuals and level design
  • Emotional and profound soundtrack
  • Engaging and rewarding puzzles
The Bad
  • Price might be a little steep considering the length
8.5Overall Score
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