Deadsky Review

Dead Sky Review: Dead In The Water

I bet you've heard lots of people (including myself) complain about a market flooded with zombie games. Well, here is another. Like many others, this game may have had a chance if there was a little more...
Montague's Mount Review

Montague’s Mount Review: Puzzling?

Montague's Mount is a strong, smart, and sophisticated game that is based on a true story. You are an injured man who awakens on a beach on a small island in Ireland.  You have no memory and no identity, you...
Eleusis Review

Eleusis Review

When it comes to anything even slightly horror related, I admit that my opinion will most likely be a bit biased. I tend to go into horror with the attitude of; "I am so ready to be scared right now, and this...
Knock Knock Review

Knock Knock Review: Halt Who Goes There?

Knock Knock isn't just strange, it is downright weird and isn't weird always a good thing? Well, too much weird will get you nowhere.  At times nowhere is where I felt like I was heading while playing this...
Megabyte Punch Review

Megabyte Punch Review: A Bit of Entertainment

What a delightful thrill this title is! And by delightful I mean how fun it is smashing through levels and blowing up robots. Megabyte Punch is a simplistic, two-dimensional adventure will keep you wanting to...
Eldritch Review

Eldritch Review: Love That H.P. Sauce

I am starting to show my age... I loved 90's PC gaming and Ultima Underworld was one of my favorites. I truly believed it to be a masterpiece and one of my favorite experiences in RPG gaming.  The look and...